High Speed Rail Loading

The Rocket Rail Loading System - a first in Rail Technology loading Simultaneously and not Sequentially.

A system that Pre-Loads your entire wagon consist before it gets there. 
To deliver significantly improved train loading times

Watch operational video animation.

  • Clean, acurate across the axle groups and centrally down the wagon every time.
  • Optional dust suppression.
  • Built in weighing system and software interface.
  • Remotely and safely activated and positioned.
  • One discharging unit per wagon, units are pre-loaded before the train arrives.
  • Once train arrives, it is positioned accurately into place underneath the units, on safety indication, the doors are opened simultaneously for all the units by remote control and the train is loaded.
  • One Rocket Rail Loading System can service a number of mines or users nearby, making it the ultimate multi-user rail facility.
  • Ideal for large rail loading operation or small emerging mines.